Visit the majestic and mysterious Amazon Rainforest

visit the Amazon - Southern Brazil Adventures

The Amazon – Life, wonderful burgeoning life… seemingly infinite shapes, colors, sounds, they move in synchrony, melt together and breathe their presence around you. Like a super-organism, the largest rainforest in the world, the Amazon, engulfs you and wraps its spectacular and intricate webs of life around you. Full of romance and mystery, you will become entwined in the rhythm of the forest like the vines that weave themselves amongst the towering trees above and cover the ground below.

We will be immersed for 4 days in the heart of this ecological treasure trove. We will spend 3 nights in the lodge exploring the forest by day and by night, because the Amazon never sleeps. We will travel on foot and by motorized canoe to delve deeper into this natural wonderland. We’ll have the opportunity to swim in the big rivers and in smaller tributaries under crystalline waterfalls. We can fish for piranhas and hunt for Caiman (small alligators) at night. We will have the opportunity to meet and interact with the surrounding indigenous cultures and learn how they interact and use the forest. This trip can be arranged with an additional forest survival course or as a 7 day itinerary.


Day 1 - Arrive in Manaus, transport to Juma Amazon Lodge, passing by the meeting of the waters. Canoeing the mighty Amazon River. Caiman and animal spotting at night.

Day 2 – Jungle hike with local guide, free time to explore the lodge and surrounding area, optional piranha fishing. Night lecture about the forest.

Day 3 – Jungle hike and visit to a local community to meet and talk with indigenous people of the forest. Optional animal spotting at night.

Day 4 – Return trip to Manaus.


*Sample Itinerary: Full itinerary available upon request.
Special tour guide, tropical biologist, Anthony Ippolito, Ph.D.


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