“What a great trip! The coastal mountains of Southern Brazil contain scenic and cultural treasures that I never imagined. Vera and Vitorli were perfect hosts, sharing their lifestyle with incredible generosity and openness, and made me feel like one of the family. hanks for providing me with such a unique experience!”
-CG, Irvine, CA

“That’s what keeps me obsessing over Brazil. The warmth of Brazilians, their customs, dance, food and coffee are still second to none! I have so many pics and wonderful memories of your trips!” – Mary S., Boston, Mass

“Once in a lifetime experience!” -Dawn & Tacho, New York, NY

“Best trip of my life!”  -Vanessa Rivers, GlitterandMud.com Travel

“I’ve been lucky to be able to travel much of the world but Southern Brazil is the one places I keep coming back to. It’s hard to explain the feeling of eating traditional meals cooked by Vera at Morro Grande Ranch, riding horseback through the gorgeous Southern Brazil mountains, cliff diving into rushing rivers, repelling down jaged ravines, barn BBQs all together, laughing and singing around a fire, milking fresh leche into your coffee in the mornings, Brazilian BBQ and all the other amazing meals Vera p
repares. I always look forward to the cheese, beer, caipirinhas, beaming smiles and stories that make up our days on the ranch. They have nothing and yet they have everything. How lucky to get to experience how to really live life from the Brazilians.”
-Steve G, London, England

“We love traveling, exploring the world, adventure and learning. In January we had the rare opportunity to travel with Anthony Ippolito in Brazil…WOW! An incredible experience! To travel this beautiful country, its sites, meet his many friends scattered throughout, enjoy amazing food, culture and geographic beauty with someone as knowledgeable and fluent in Portuguese as he is in english is a rare, lifetime opportunity. Our days were filled with visiting and swimming at beautiful beaches, sailing, hiking, tasting fabulous food, visiting homes of Anthony’s friends, and our stay at the ranch in the breathtaking mountains.

It was in the drive to the ranch in the mountains that we stopped and visited small towns and were able to take in the various lifestyles of ranching and country life. Once at the ranch it was an oasis unto itself: we at once felt at home and learned of the Brazilian life firsthand. Horseback riding in the mountains, hiking to breathtaking waterfalls, collecting eggs in from the hatchery amid squaking chickens to enjoy for breakfast, and followed up in the evening by fresh Brazilian beef cooked over a campfire and followed up with singing (yes, Anthony even plays the guitar!) with our new friends. The days each were filled with beautiful surises and sunsets, adventure and pure relaxation. Traveling with Anthony throughout Brazil and really getting to know this beautiful country firsthand was amazing and made memories that will last forever.” -Larry and Tem W., Arlington Heights, Illinois

“For anyone wanting a fun adventure and discovery tour of southern Brazil I would highly recommend Southern Brazil Adventures. I am a tour operator myself in Venezuela and Anthony invited me for many years to experience his brand of adventure tourism in Brazil. Finally, I had the chance to go and thoroughly enjoyed myself!

Our leader Anthony was great, a good friend I have known for years and his relationship with the family working the farm is obviously more than just one of good friends they were like family to him and surprise surprise I felt that they were like my extended family by the time we left. Enjoyed the hiking, the touring, the activities which included zip lining in a forest and of course the horseback riding…..the “hoedown” we had in the barn with friends, our group and locals was fabulous fun too. One more fun activity was in store – white water rafting in a very picturesque photogenic landscape (but bring a waterproof camera and don’t forget to keep pad
dling). That was really great and a really cool way to finish the trip.” 
- Paul Stanley, Caracas, Venezuela