Visit Southern BrazilThe geography of Southern Brazil
dictates the cultural and natural diversity of the region. The nearby sierra rises out of the ocean and not only generates unique local weather patterns but presented a formidable barrier to early colonizers of the state of Santa Catarina. Hence, the coast is decorated with small fishing villages of descendants of the Azores Islands and surf culture while the neighboring mountain plateaus are picturesque with Gaucho ranches and the colorful Gaucho culture.

Florianópolis, Santa Catarina

Florianópolis, Conde Naste Traveler’s “great secrets of the Southern Hemisphere” and reader’s poll “friendliest city in the world”. The Brazilian magazine, Veja, calls it the best place to live in Brazil. Over 42 gorgeous, granite framed, beaches surround the island, boasting the most beautiful beaches in Brazil.  Protected restinga dune ecosystems border the sand. The nearby lowlands have the largest protected parks of lush Atlantic rainforest in the country. The air is always rich with the sweet smells of the blossoms that ornament the verdant background. Many of the coastal islands and their waters lie inside the borders of an ocean national park. Dolphin sightings are frequent in this area.

Morro Grande Ranch, Bom Jardim da Serra, Santa Catarina

The chiseled mountains of the Serra Gaucha are some of the oldest geological formations on the planet. The landscape is formidable and strikingly different from the coast despite being within 100 Kilometers of each other. Majestic Brazilian Pine forests are interspersed with fields of native wildflowers, wetlands, breathtaking canyons and waterfalls. Rare and endemic giant tree ferns are numerous inside of the canyons and take on surreal shapes and growth forms like trees out of a Dr. Suess book.  Welcome to the warm, colorful Guacho culture at the 5th generation ranch, Pousada Morro Grande….