About Us

Southern Brazil is a spectacular destination with an incredible diversity of natural wonders, from Atlantic Rain and Brazilian Pine Forests to incredible canyons, crystalline water falls, and the most gorgeous beaches in Brazil. The coast is decorated with small fishing villages and surf culture while the neighboring mountain plateaus are picturesque with Gaucho ranches and the colorful Gaucho culture.

We provide all-inclusive trips to this undiscovered gem while preserving the remarkable natural wonders, resources, and cultural heritage of the Southern Brazilian region. Founded in 2001, our tours are built on years of personal experience with the people of the regions; Our small group sizes allow for more intimate interactions with nature, other group members and guides, and of course the warm, gracious Brazilians. To to join an upcoming trip or plan a private trip.

All tours are lead by special tour guide, tropical biologist, Anthony Ippolito, Ph.D.

Phone: 1.773.636.4499 or Email: anthony@southernbrazil.com

Rio De Rastro